VOSS:  King of Belts.

I have to declare an interest in this piece.
Namely I consider Pete to be my Friend and listen to "The Trumping Men" by Campag Velocet on a regular basis.

My lovely Jo will testify to this.
I have also, although not collected ordered a belt, along with my best friend John P from Pete.

Pete was very busy but found some time for a Q & A..

pp/ How did the belt making start Pete?

PV/ I was living in squats in Brighton in the 1970s as a kid...I saw a guy staying there who was a leather artisan...and was immediately the age of 14...I bought some leather-working tools a hide, and a leatherwork book...looked at the pictures coz i couldn't read well enough and got started Belt making.

pp/ I seem to remember belt making materials in your old flat when you were in Campag Velocet. Was it before your music?

PV/ yes i started belt making when i was 14 in 1984...I have been making Belts off & on the whole time.

pp/ I know your a perfectionist Pete, are you part of the whole belt making process?

PV/ Yes I make painstakingly select premium Italian Hides I select about 1 in every 100 hides i see...I hand-cut each strap and check both sides for cracks or blemishes...mark out and cut from the templates I have designed...all holes are punched by hand..edge creased split boned polished embossed  edge dyed buckles are polished and riveted...everything by my Own Hand...A Voss Belt is a truly Hand-Crafted piece of Art.

pp/ Finaly, for me it was the 100 club, because as you came off stage you passed me and said "Alright Paulie..." And i felt 7 foot tall....
Favourite gig with Campag Velocet Pete Voss?

PV/ My Favourite Gig was at The Astoria in 1999, before it was raised to the ground for the cross rail train station.

pp/ Thanks Pete Voss.